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The DataPoint system is a two part package that integrates device software for tablets and phones (Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iOS coming soon) with a centralized server package for generalized data collection and management on user defined entities. It utilizes device integration (GPS, Barcode Scanning, Camera, etc.) and user defined validation to ensure the integrity of data. For obtaining the server package contact us.

The phone and tablet software can send and receive information using an internet connection to the database on the server. Collect GPS coordinates, pictures, radio button fields, list fields, text fields, etc. grouped together into singular entities, and post them to the server package. Once data is in the centralized server it can be pushed to any other phone or tablet within your working group or exported into any number of software packages for infrastructure management, GIS, data analytics etc.

DataPoint is configurable to use encryption for sensitive data and utilizes RSA session keys with AES encryption of varying bit strengths. Mapping integration allows for GPS related searches and visualization in the field. We also integrate the DataPoint software with Trimble handhelds for industry leading GPS positional accuracy. This software also has URL resource integration that allows for remote viewing of resources related to a specific data entities (ex. bring up a fire hydrant and retrieve the PDF of the manual corresponding to it, or the image of the purchase invoice for it). This is a completely customizable package that can collect any information and impose any validation just let us know. We are always happy to talk so drop us a line.